please help me fix Ms Sql Server mirroring multiple!

  • Hi all, plaeas hep me fix Sql mirroring.
    i create job mirroring SQL lab 3 server - port 5023 - port 5024 - port 5025
    a finish all step but when i start job have error.

    i allow port 5024 in server firewall  and check telnet port 5024 ok 

    please help me fix it - Thanks all

  • I don´t know if your resolved yout problem.

    I see that you use a non-default port on SQL instance, if all intances are configured this way, i think it´s necessary to configure the PORT of SQL service too on the mirroring on the SQL INSTANCE NAME, like MIRROR: MsSQL1,14333:5024


    If your SQL INSTANCE are configurated on different default port the communication it´s not work if you don´t pass that different port on sql connection.

    another solve to the computer understand the full link communication with another port are add a line on archive DRIVERS.TXT on folder windows\system32\drivers

    example:,[PORT] [NAME SERVER]
    MsSQL1, 23333 MsSQL_MIRROR

    And just use this NAME SERVER on communication, like:

    I hope to help you.

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