Please help about merging vertical cell in reporting service

  • The first picture is what the result should be. (It's in excel, easy to merge the note on your right hand side.)

    The second picture is what I've done. My problem is I can not vertically merge the message in the red rectangle to cover all the row for the question at the left hand side like the picture1.

      The message should belong to span over all the questions on your left hand side. (I don't want to repeat it every row for each question)


  • The Images are not visible.


    Prasad Bhogadi

  • From your posting I think you need to put a table (or two) within the table. The column you want to merge vertically can then be left as it is



    outer grid row 1 with several columns

    grid 1 with a couple of rows| vertically merged cell | inner grid 2

    outer grid row 3 matching column 1


    grid row 2 will probably have to be resized to accomodate the grid.. hide or show the outer grid rows if this will only affect rows of a particular type


    Phil Nicholas

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