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plantation shutter

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    the big fiesta takes charge of delight with unexpected good news, so he need not make track for to demolish rush.Want to know the spider platform that demolishes although fighting strength how not, but win fast in the speed, act vivid, various attack means piles up one after another and lets him is poorer than to reply.Although the spider platform speed has been already descended,wants to catch up it, and destroy it, still can hardly accomplish in the in a short time.

    Demolish now have already stepped into trap, so as long as set off underground under of 2000 ton high explosion medicine, can easily will demolish kill.Since have thus of extremely kill trap existence plantation shutters, big fiesta department also have no necessity hard to tackle chase spider platform.

    Hence the big fiesta takes charge of is closing to a trap edge to decelerate to rush speed, although he rushes of the speed significantly lower,did not completely come to a stop.The big fiesta takes charge of of so keep a kind of situation that continues to chase, be don't think that the destruction that let to got into trap area just discovered that the cat gets fed up with, the one who caused to demolish turned around to run a trap area.Then big fiesta department part the small step chase, simultaneously take out body up hide of interphone, start contacting to conceal the observer that the control explosive in the neighborhood sets off.

    Underground 2000 ton the high explosion medicine set off a button on the hand of that observer, as long as the observer presses a hand in of rise explode a button, can set off the explosive of underground, will demolish thoroughly kill by explosion.The big fiesta department was very smooth contact to ascend observer, and directly descend to reach an order to the observer, let the observer set off underground explosive right away.

    That observer conceals a hill in the neighborhood of trap district up, just with lend a few telescope observations the personnel who gets into trap district.After receiving the order that the big fiesta takes charge of, he opens the power switch of controller right away and opens controller.

    Because the underground covers up 2000 ton high explosion medicine, once exploding power is astonishing, so avoid appearing for ensuring an absolute safety the surprised circumstance sets off a high explosion medicine, this controller has been being placed in and shut down status, be feared to appear break down and carry on a mistake operation.Only get a setting off of big fiesta department order, this controller would formally switch on electricity and start.

    Have the big fiesta take charge of of after, the accurate order's observer isn't afraid of to appear a mistake operation any further, so is the start controller of benefit Suo very much.Wait until a controller start, the observer presses to set off a button right away.But the strange affair took place, although the observer pressed the button in the hand, don't set off the explosive of underground.

    What no one knew BE, the electromagnetism signal of this one district early be passed the supervision for communications satellite to carry on really of dreamlike island by the "fantasy", purpose be find out that control explosive explosion of set off device.Just previous that controller is placed in to cut the power status, didn't outwardly shoot any electromagnetism signal, so is "dreamlike" just don't find out controller and operation exactly where.

    However in the continuous scanning, "dreamlike" found out the accept to set off signal of rising and exploding device.This explodes a machine control to hit the ground the status of bottom explosive, after receiving and setting off signal, will set off explosive.Let people set off the explosive of underground to not appear an accident, the "fantasy" made use of the strong function of communications satellite to practice electromagnetism natural cover to this crumb district, rise to explode to equip together outside electromagnetism status to isolate to open.So even if someone started to shoot to explode of signal, rise to explode to equip could not receive as well, can't carry on setting off an operation.

    Although the observer started controller, and start to press to explode to press button, its information for shooting has never started to deliver to explode to equip up, rise explode to equip nature can't revolve.Not only the list is such, the "fantasy" still passes the electromagnetism signal that the controller shoots, anti- to looked for that observer, and at pole short time in cracked the protection measure of controller, got into controller, and got the password and frequency of setting off the signal.

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