Piracy and Agile

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    Best wishes,
    Phil Factor

  • Excellent editorial. I, too, am sick of romantisized versions of a variety of violent cultures. Good point to draw the line on using these for personal development of any sort.

  • I was still reeling from the revelation that a New York psychologist had determined that 4% of managers were psychopaths,

    A good majority of the folks in political office and Wall Street are sociopaths:


  • Carla Wilson-484785 (9/3/2011)

    Excellent editorial. I, too, am sick of romantisized... violent cultures...

    Every small-town speed trap is proof that democracy descended from piracy. I have no illusions that democracy around the world would necessarily be "better"; it would simply "better reflect" the morals and character of the people. Reading Russell Means "Where White Men Fear to Tread", or cheering Anna Hazare's "clean government" effort shows that nowhere is perfect. And no company is perfect.

    All, including ourselves, need constant vigilance and adherence to core values.

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