Permissions writing files across servers

  • I am having an issue with a dts package. I have a dts package scheduled to run at 12:25am and it grabs transactions from my database and writes a file with that information to a Linux based server. I have another script which then grabs that file that is created and pulls it into another database. The scheduled job has been running fine and still runs fine but since I installed server patches the file is no longer being written to. My table in the database shows an export date and export id for every transaction that has been exported but the file has no data in it. Now the strange part. I can reschedule that SQL job to run 5 minutes into the future and sit and wait for it to run and it runs and writes to the file with no problem, it is only when it kicks off over night that it won't write to the file. One other thing is that it will actually create the file overnight but it won't write any data to it. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Could the file be still open? Are both these processes running in SQL Agent?

  • Both the processes are running in SQL agent. My process runs at 12:25am and the other process runs on a different server at 10am. The process that grabs the text file that gets created at 12:25am archives the file so it gets created new every day.

  • The file shouldn't be open. Could there be some parallel/multithreading that grabs the file?

    Can you get the FileWatcher from Sysinternals and see if the file is open when the second process runs?

  • Thanks for your help, I will find this out and let you know what or if anything has the file open.

  • Thanks for the help on this. The file that is being created is created on a Linux file server that all servers write files too. Something did have the file open at this time, so I moved the job to a later time and now everything is fine. Once again, Thanks for your help.

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