Permission to view SQL jobs in SQL Server 2017

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    I'm using SQL Server 2017, I need to give developers only to view the jobs (either it is SSIS packages which is scheduled as a job or SP scheduled as a job).

    What does edit means:- Double click the job, go to each step and see which package it is referring to and see the configuration/data sources connections for each step. I'm happy if i don't give them rights to run the job/delete the job/ and modify the job. This jobs are owened/owner of it is DBA (let us assume that proxy is not used.)

    one more thing. I know there is a role by name "SQLAgentReaderRole", i can assign but it is a combination of (All of the SQLAgentUserRole rights) + The ability to review multiserver jobs, their configurations and history. So now if i give rights to this role "SQLAgentReaderRole", and if he doesn't own this jobs still can he view the jobs and see the parameters and edit the configuration of the data source, if ssis package is scheduled as a job



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    Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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