Permission issue for excute export /import

  • In my environment , application owner asking sysadmin rights for excute import /export wizard, but in dba side wont provide the sysadmin rights.. Could you tell me which permission need to give for excute import /export data?




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  • Please can you give proper inputs for that/

  • solomon.jernas (10/24/2012)

    Please can you give proper inputs for that/

    the import/export wizard is just an application. once you have a user name/password so you can loginto SQL server, you can use ANYTHING to connect with those credentials, SSMS, a custom application, LinqPad,Word,Excel, you name it.

    if you can click SSMS, then you inherit the ability to run the import export wizard. Now wether you can read anything on the SQL server beyond that....

    From there, if you want to do something you need base permissions on the objects...SELECt to export from a table or view, INSERT/UPDATE permissions in import.

    the link provided has specifics:

    To complete the SQL Server Import and Export Wizard successfully, you must have at least the following permissions:

    Permissions to connect to the source and destination databases or file shares. In Integration Services, this requires server and database login rights.

    Permission to read data from the source database or file. In SQL Server 2005, this requires SELECT permissions on the source tables and views.

    Permissions to write data to the destination database or file. In SQL Server 2005, this requires INSERT permissions on the destination tables.

    If you want to create a new destination database or table or file, permissions sufficient to create the new database or table or file. In SQL Server 2005, this requires CREATE DATABASE or CREATE TABLE permissions.

    If you want to save the package created by the wizard, permissions sufficient to write to the msdb database or to the file system. In Integration Services, this requires INSERT permissions on the msdb database.

    For more information about how to manage permissions for Integration Services packages by using SQL Server Management Studio, see Integration Services Roles.


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