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  • Hi All,

    I'm new to cube development, and in particular trying to publish it to SharePoint via PerformancePoint. At this point I have a nice little cube and have created a fairly straight forward Analytic Grid Report. The last step that I need is to be able to click on the data cells, and drill-down to see the underlying values. The report is for a school system, and it's pretty straightforward:

    Passed Failed

    Test 1 10 3

    Test 2 9 4

    Where the #s represent the students that either passed or failed. All of this is working great, but I'm not sure about the best way to go to drill down to see the students for each test that either passed or failed. I'm starting to look in multiple directions and it's really confusing me. For instance, going back to Visual Studio and creating an Action looks like that could work, except that Actions don't appear to get imported into the PerformancePoint app. And the Analytic Grid Report doesn't appear to let you click on the data cells, but only wants to let me drill down through the row members, and that just brings back both Passed & Failed since they are both on that row. I started to look at creating KPIs and a Scorecard, but before I go down that road wanted to ask and see if somebody can just tell me "focus on actions/kpi's/whatever"...I don't mind putting int he research on whatever area, but would just appreciate a nudge in the right direction :).

  • Not sure what you are looking for exactly. Do you just want the detail records for what you are looking at for each of the numbers? If so then you can use the Show Details options on the cells and you can override the default behavior for this by creating your own Drillthrough actions in the cube and setting these to be the default in the Additional Properties section.

    If you are not able to use the Show Details option because it is greyed out then it is most likely because you have multiple items selected in the background of the report or filtered in the background. Another reason Show Details will not work would be if you are looking at calculated measures. If it still isn't working then you will want to make sure that you have given the end-users the ability to use the drillthrough option in the cube security.

    Here is an old post on the PPS Team blog that talks about drillthrough and action support -

    Dan English -

  • Mr. English -- I'm hoping to set a record with "longest time elapsed between responses" 🙂

    If you're still around and following this post, I'd like to follow up on. I created a rather nasty coding hack to initially resolve this, but now I'm trying to go back and do things "the right way". Hopefully I can do a little better job of explaining the issue now.

    I have a cube, District Assessment Results, that contains one measure group: Proficiency Results. Three of the measures inside of Proficiency Results are # Students Tested, At Standard and Needs Practice. Next I created three Drillthrough Actions:

    Drillthrough Action #1:

    Name: # Students Tested

    Action Target: Proficiency Results

    Condition: <nothing>

    Default: True

    Drillthrough Action #2:

    Name: At Standard

    Action Target: Proficiency Results

    Condition: <nothing>

    Default: True

    Drillthrough Action #3:

    Name: Needs Practice

    Action Target: Proficiency Results

    Condition: <nothing>

    Default: True

    I want to display the results using a Performance Point Scorecard. I have created a Performance Point KPI and inserted it into a Performance Point Scorecard, and everything works as I'd expect. The scorecard looks like this:

    Test Name # Students Tested At Standard Needs Practice

    Science 1 53 45 8

    Science 2 50 45 5

    Where I'm stuck is on how to display each of the three action items to match the selected cell in the scorecard...when the user selects Science 1/# Students Tested, I want the # Students Tested action item to appear; Science 1/At Standard the At Standard action item to appear, etc. etc. Currently if a user clicks any of the three measure columns...I'm guessing that it's defaulting to the first action item (# Students Tested) because it shows up regardless of which cell the user selects. My hope was that by naming the action item the same name of the measure item, it would create a match. Obviously this is not correct. I'm guessing the "magic" needs to happen in the Condition portion of each action item...but what would the syntax look like?

    Thanks in advance for taking the time to respond and help me get my learnin' on 🙂

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