Performance Problem that I can't pin down

  • Frankly he should be on at least SP1, preferably SP2 regardless of problems....

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  • Bob Fazio (9/12/2011)

    There is also a patch we are strongly looking at.;EN-US;976700

    The reason why we are leaning towards the patch, is because I think everyone agrees, one bad query shouldn't take down a server of this (or really any) size.

    It's also included in SP1, which we might also apply.

    Oh yeah, I've seen a single query take down a server before. It doesn't take much unfortunately. The right combination of bad code & bad structure... things can go downhill rather quickly.

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  • GilaMonster (9/12/2011)

    Frankly he should be on at least SP1, preferably SP2 regardless of problems....

    I am on SP2 -CU3 for SQL 2008 I am referring to Windows 2008 R2 (SP1)

  • After tuning nearly every query in our app (of course a good thing) we still couldn't explain why even at what appeared to be relatively low CPU loads, the system would crawl. So we applied SP1 to windows 2008 R2... And the result has been night and day. It is finally running like I would expect a system to run. No question in my mind, this was our issue all along.

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