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  • Hello.

    I have a database and a table in this database has 1000000 rows. I have this database to my pc and my server and when I select * from this table the result is 10 seconds to my pc and 26 seconds to my server.

    The configurations of the PC and Server are the following:

    PC ---> i5-3,3Ghz 4 cores (4 Logical CPUs), simple SSD disk, 16 Gb Ram.

    Server ---> 2xXeon 2,2Ghz 2x6 Cores + hyperthreating (24 Logical CPUs), Direct Attached Storage with 4xSSD Raid5, 128Gb Ram

    When I backup database to disk NUL I get 500mb/sec to my PC and 1900mb/sec to my server.

    Is this normal? I believe that my server should be faster if not the same. The only thing tha is slower to my server is the Ghz of CPU but my server has 2 CPUs with so many Cores.

    Any suggestions ?

  • It seems like not updated stats are in question.

    Do you have any maintenance of the database on your PC and server?

    Is the maintenance the same on both, the indexes as well, and etc...?

    Igor Micev,My blog:

  • I have no maintenance plan on both. Before doing this post I rebuilt indexes on this table and run sp_updatestatistics on database but there was no improvement.

  • When selecting from the server, where are you running the command?

    If you are running the select from your PC, then it's going to take some time to transfer those 1000000 rows in the result set over the network.

  • No. I run it from management studio on server.

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