Performance in VMWare when creating different drives from a single Datastore

  • On VMWare if you are going to create a new SQL instance with 4 processors/32GB ram as an example GuestOS and I have access to storage that is just one a big giant 800GB "Datastore" (made up of multiple drives - dont know why it was done like that instead of separate smaller ones )

    Would it make any difference in "VMware" if I asked the storage/vm admins to "carve" multiple mountpoint/volumes in my GuestOS from a performance perspective in VMware. So that I'd have a virtual C:, D:, E:, F:, G, etc.. to break up Win OS, Binaries, Data, Log, Tempdb, etc. Not sure if there are optimizations in VMWare that make a difference compared to Physical Host.

    Thanks for input and comments!

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  • compare the IO statistic on the Guest and VM level and you can found where the problem is. very bad idea to keep it like this.

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