PBALP User in SQL Server

  • Hi Everyone,

    Currently looking at tidying up some SQL servers and i have a number of local users (PBALP) being one of them i would like to drop. Is there a way i can check to see what if anything is dependant on that user?



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  • To get this question unstuck, please clarify "local user" as that is not a technical name for a user in SQL.

    Database users can be created without a login, for a certificate, or for a asymmetric key.  A user may also be created when the user creates an object in the database and does not have the default schema=dbo, in this case there would be a PBALP schema.

    Use this query to get more information about the users:

    select * from sys.database_principals

    From an administrative perspective, it is best to leave it alone if the user is not related to a login.  Deleting users should only be done if the application can be fully tested in a lower environment first.


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