Patching Challenges

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  • Thanks sir, glad you liked the post! I like the concept of "rings," nicely done.

  • I think the biggest gift from the shift to the DevOps culture is in thinking "how do I prove this works" before touching a line of code.

    We test far more these days than we would ever have been capable of 10 years ago and in a more sophisticated way too. At one point it would have been QA people and DBAs going through preprepared test scripts.  If those passed then before rollout you tucked your trousers inside your socks so no-one would know you were scared.

    By automating as much testing as possible the stuff that really requires the mark one human eyeball is done by someone unjaded by having to wade through preceding manual tests.

    Both speed and quality have increased.  Yes, it did take quite a lot of investment to get there but that long term investment now bears fruit.

  • And we used to think patching was a big challenge.  I've been talking with my son ( who is 55 years old ) about the updating challenge he and a single helper are facing in a Florida county public school system.  They must reimage student laptops for the next school year.  When we talked they were going from building to building, setting them up in student labs and doing 20 at a time from USB drives.  At that point they had completed 20,000 and only had about 40,000 to go.  Other than the reimaging they normally can push out patches via a web-based process without actually touching the machines, much like Windows Update works.

    Disaster Recovery = Backup ( Backup ( Your Backup ) )

  • My son worked in the computer lab in uni the last few years. They built images for machines that they could roll out via PXE boot across campus in minutes for low thousands of machines. Quite amazing really.

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