PASS Summit 2004 - Another Look

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  • James,

    thx for the props and glad I had a chance to meet you. PASS was a good time. We got some good product feedback and interest lots of interest in Log, Diff and Edit.

    I was suprised by how few people had heard of ApexSQL - i guess i need more banners! but those that did seemed to be happy customers.

    Brian Kelly is working on ApexSQL Edit review I believe and indicated he was close to being finished.

    Brian Lockwood
    ApexSQL - SQL Developer Essentials

    Stand up for an Independent SQL Community - be Informed

  • James,

    HP's keynote would only have been a big commercial if we were actually selling the tool. 

    What you failed to miss was that we were trying to show people that with a little common sense and standards you can write a very simple tool to deploy and manage your environmnet. 

    Unfortunately you didn't get it.  Lots of others did.



  • But again this was only my opinion. Everyone else is entitled to ignore my opinion and you are more than helpfull by posting here your opposition to my opinion. I got that point by the way and appreciate you brigning your point here, I just stated the feeling I got. Remember commercials do not always say what they are selling, sometimes it is just infered based on presentation.


    Thank You

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