Pass SP an "Array" or .NET loop and multiple SP calls

  • Okay folks, here's my situation. A .NET process will be shredding an XML document which will have a list of transactions that will need to be passed to a stored procedure which will insert into a table. There can be N number of transactions and there will be 3 values I will be passed. I can have the .NET application loop over the transactions and call the SP for each one or I can have the .NET application pass an "array" that I will parse in SQL. There is logic to determine which transactions will be passed so you can't just pass the XML document. The current production SQL Server is 2005, so I can't do a table-valued parameter and I'm not sure I would even if I could because of some of the limitations.

    What are your recommendations? Loop and 1 at a time or some kind of "array" that I parse in SQL?

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