Page Output cache problem

  • I have several users who see old page layout rather than new one.

    I am not sure what is the problem. Page output Cache profile says inherit inside site content cache option.

    Is this causing a problem?.

    I tried clearing browser cookies from user PC, but same problem thanks

  • Could be related- that's typically something you would want to test before enabling. There are different page output cache settings in different areas. Go to the top level in Site Collection Administration (rather than Site Administration) and check your configurations in Site Collection output cache. The different areas that can be configured and some general information on the settings can be found in this documentation:

    Improve page rendering by configuring output caching


  • Thank you for your reply, before I make further change. I would like to know if problem with user seeing old page layout is because of this cache setting. I am new to the SharePoint.  Page Output cache I am referring is here due to online blog I have been reading for solution.

  • If it's just the layout themselves, not likely. If you have implemented a new layout design, which it sounds like you have when referencing old page layouts,  you would typically delete the old layouts from the site collections. You need to do some digging to figure out what is going on with how the new layouts were implemented.


  • Hi Sue, Problem resolved after reading your last reply, I have looked version history of default page and saw that some were seeing  major version (5)  instead of minor version (5.3) which should be the current for everyone. so I checked our latest version and re-checked in with totally new version (6) and it worked fine. I am not sure why it was picking up old version, I am confuse between minor and major version.

    Thanks for your help. appreciate it.

  • Thanks for posting back. Yeah that is something weird with however they updated the layouts -glad you got it fixed though.


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