Page break on list object not working

  • I have a list object, and I have checked the property indicating I want a page break at the end of it. If I understand this correctly, this means that there should be a page break after each instance of the list object. However, it is breaking after two instances of the list object. Am I doing something wrong or understanding it incorrectly?

  • It seems that despite making the list object 11x8.5 and checking the box to create a page break after the list item, it just takes a whole lot of tweaking to get the sizing just right so that it actually breaks, and a whole lot more tweaking if you want pagination to render correctly both in Report Manager and in a PDF export. But it's possible. I miss Crystal Reports.

  • Agree with you on the need for tweaking, but you may need to look at the width of your report body along with the size of your margins - together they need to fit on the sheet of paper you are printing too.

    If your list object is 11x8.5 then it is probably too wide and too tall - the body of your report should be more like 10" wide, assuming landscape layout with .5" margins on both left and right.

    Nothing in your report should be wider, or you can run into odd paging problems.

    Also, the height of the list object should be as short as possible, usually.

    As far as tweaking goes, I have found that keeping things from touching sometimes helps - make your grid finer than the default, and leave a grid square's worth of space between objects, and between objects and borders.


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