Page Break At Start Is Ignored in SSRS 2008

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    I have recently converted my RDL reports from SSRS 2005 to SSRS 2008. However, it doesn't seem as simple as I expected. My reports work perfectly fine in SSRS 2005, but I begin to get a different PDF rendering output when the reports get converted in SSRS 2008.

    I have a master report that contains 20 subreports. There is a List control (Tablix data region) that contains a table on each subreport. The page break options of "Add a page break before" and "Keep together on one page if possible" for the Tablix are checked. I have also added a group to the Tablix and the page break options of "Between each instance of a group" and "Also, at the start of a group" are checked. Every subreport on the master report has the exact same page break setting.

    Adding a page break at the start of a group and before the Tablix seems to work WITHIN a subreport, but it is being ignored BETWEEN the subreports in SSRS 2008. When there are multiple rows on one subreport that flow to the second page, the next subreport will start right after the last row of the previous report, instead of a new page.

    I have tried to change the page break setting to "at the end of a group" and "add a page break after", it actually resolves the problem that described above, but it brings up another problem of the trailing blank page if the last subreport on the master report contains no data.

    In SSRS 2005, the "page break at the start of a group" works between subreports, but it is being ignored in SSRS 2008. Therefore, I was wondering if this is a bug in SSRS 2008.

    I'd really appreciate it if there is anyone who can shed some light on this issue.

    Thanks a lot!


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    I have the same problem. Did you get a solution for this Jeanette? Thanks.

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    I hope I'm understanding your problem correctly. Do you have all subreports within the same tablix? If so that is the problem. In SSRS 2008 each subreport needs to be in it's own tablix to set the page breaks.

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    I am having the same issue so will provide more information. The subreport contains it's own table and can either have groups where the group may have page break at start turned on or the table itself has page break at start turned on.

    The exact same report deployed to SSRS 2000 or 2005 works fine with the page breaks. SQL 2008, the page breaks do not work.

    I'm not sure how to get around it. Any ideas?

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    I'm experiencing the same problem.

    I have sub-reports inside a tablix on the master report.

    One of the sub-reports has a page break within the report itself, and if I run this sub-report indiviidually the page breaks work. But once I bring this into the master report and run it as a sub-report, page breaks are gone.

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    I've just now started to use SSRS 2008 and have already come across this issue as well. I have 3 reports that need to be run individually for an individual record. The user can also print the 3 reports together passing multiple record IDs. I want to collate the three records and do a page break between each subreport. Is it not possible to use subreports in a tablix with paging? I've tried the rectangle approach, but that doesn't work either. Anybody found a solution?

    Aigle de Guerre!

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    Have you tried putting the sub-report in a rectangle and then unchecking Page Before and checking Page break after, my understanding is that SSRS2005 did not correctly apply page break breaks and SSRS2008 does.

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    Yes, I have tried placing the subreport inside of a rectangle with no success. I have tried all possible variations of break between, break before, break after, keep together, on the rectangle, group, and within the subreport itself. I have yet to find any comination of options that will properly display the page breaks.

    The entire page breaking is quite inconsistent. When using the subreport inside the rectangle, it almost looks right when previewing. The page breaks are applied except for the first record (weird). When I view it in print preview and deploy to the reporting server none of the page breaks appear at all.

    I don't recall having this exact issue in 2005. I'm wondering if this is a bug or a design choice for 2008?

    Aigle de Guerre!

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    I know I had problems with page breaks within a tablix that I had to fix by checking the KeepwithGroup, keeptogether, and repeatonnewpage settings of for each row and group in the tablix. You can see these by enabling the advance mode for row and column groups. Perhaps these settings are affecting things on the parent report?

    just a guess...

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    Thanks for the suggestions. I am wondering if anyone has had paging success with using a subreport within a tablix. If I run the report itself the paging is fine. If I place the data within the tablix directly then it doesn't give me a problem paging either. I'm open to alternative solutions...just trying to avoid having to write a second set of reports just for printing together.


    Aigle de Guerre!

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    Try adjusting your page margins.

    I kept getting an extra blank page after every page break when I exported my report to PDF.

    I fixed it by decreasing my left-right margins. I put the report in landscape mode, made my left-right margins .25 and .25, made my report width 10", and that worked.

    When I had report margins of .5 and .5, it would print an extra blank page.

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    I am encountering with the same problem. Is there any solution to fix this issue?

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    Page break of subreport is not working in Main report.

    Any idea on how to solve it.

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    You can try creating rectangles , tick "Add a page break after" in rectangle properties and cut and paste your subreport in the rectanglr, you then need to have one rectangle per subreport in the main report.

    Or tick "Add a page break after" in subreport tablixes , or the last tablix in the page.

    Good Luck

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    lrosini (5/21/2009)

    I hope I'm understanding your problem correctly. Do you have all subreports within the same tablix? If so that is the problem. In SSRS 2008 each subreport needs to be in it's own tablix to set the page breaks.

    Did anyone notice this comment?

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