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  • Who words these questions.

    You don't need pae for 4Gb. You only need it if you use more than 4Gb.

    At 4Gb the /3GB switch can be used.

  • I agree.


    At what memory point must you set the /PAE ...

    The important word is must. SQL will utilize 4GB without /PAE. Only at 8GB must /PAE be set otherwise SQL will only use 4GB.

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  • I do agree. 8GB is the right answer based on the wording of the question. Will you guys at sqlservercentral correct this?

  • From the same article "The extra layer of translation is what provides access to physical memory beyond 4 GB."

    I agree you can use /PAE with 4GB, however I don't see the benefit. 2K is still going to use 2GB leaving the rest for applications. I would use /3GB with 4 GB and a combination of /3GB and /PAE for above 4GB.

    However, don't use /3GB if you have 16GB or greater (DataCenter Edition).

  • I have to agree on this one the answer should be 8gb. From BOL

    "To enable Windows 2000 Advanced Server or Windows 2000 Datacenter Server to support more than 4 GB of physical memory, you must add the /pae parameter to the boot.ini file"

    The emphasize to show that the /pae parameter is for MORE than 4gb not if using 4gb.

    I know we are splitting hairs but the wording of the question could have been more clear.


  • For what it's worth: I answered this question (cause I've had to do this one) through the daily update newsletter.

    My initial answer was going to be 8 because the question was worded "at what memory point" and 8 being greater than 4, the threshold.

    When I switched to a browser (to confirm my answer) I realised the wording was different, and chose the "more than 4GB" answer.

    Jolly confusing or what? Not just the wording, but consistency of wording!



  • I should have had a cup of coffee before answering this question!! I did not notice the difference in wording between the newsletter and the browser window for this question. So what was a correct answer the way the newsletter was written became an incorrect answer when I finally clicked "submit".

    Kinda bummer since the answer is plain for all to read in BOL.

  • Since corrections have been made in the past I always check the answer I give in the newsletter is the same in the forum, maybe I missed this one but I am sure that is not the case, oh well that is life. I think in the future I'll ignore the newsletter and go straight to the forum for the question

    (but not for the content eh! )

    Far away is close at hand in the images of elsewhere.

  • Who words these things? You don't need /PAE at 4GB.

    Use of the /PAE switch in the Boot.ini and the AWE enable option in SQL Server allows SQL Server 2000 to utilize more than 4 GB memory. Without the /PAE switch SQL Server can only utilize up to 4 GB of memory

  • Though I "got this question right", I completely agree that clearer wording would be nice, eg, "Above what memory point..."

    John Scarborough

  • I'd like it if there was only a warning if there was an actual change in the question. Otherwise it's like crying wolf everytime. I too answered 8GB and then proceeded to answer the question without double-checking. Grrr.

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