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  • I think I may have a use for this, thanks.

  • In my case, I needed to add the 'N' parameter for @UseFixedLength in the SELECT statement to avoid an error regarding invalid number of arguments. Also the result displayed for the 2nd Pad at Front example was not correct. The syntax I'm using for the SELECTS is as follows:

    Pad at Front:


    SELECT dbo.[KDT_FN_PADLEN]('11','0',7,'Y','N')

    will result in


    SELECT dbo.[KDT_FN_PADLEN]('11','0',7,'Y','Y')

    will result in


    Pad at Back:


    SELECT dbo.[KDT_FN_PADLEN]('11','0',7,'N','N')

    will result in


    SELECT dbo.[KDT_FN_PADLEN]('11','0',7,'N','Y')

    will result in


  • Couldn't this have been simplified with the REPLICATE function?

    SELECT REPLICATE(@CharsTobePaddedWith, @PadLenght) + @PaddedChar

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  • Michael makes a great point!

    You can use the REPLICATE function to accomplish this much more simply, and

    if needed you could use the DATELENGTH() string function to set the length

  • Awesome Thanks for the feedback:-)

    I will definitively use the REPLICATE function, and rewrite the code.

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