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  • I am investigating the usefulness of office web components (OWC) as an OLAP client. Specifically, I'm researching the OWC pivottable component compared to using Excel pivottables as an OLAP reporting tool.

    Without question, the OWC Pivottable is blazingly fast, but it has no built in means of saving/loading specific view of the pivottable. (Grr...) Excel pivottables are dreadfully slow when using olap data.

    Unfortunately, I'm not a VB/ASP programmer (I know SQL and MDX well, though) so I'm unable to just create my own homegrown app with ease using OWC. The OWC help files are not helpful, and the Office Web Components Toolpak has cool examples, but none explicitly indicate how to save/load the XMLData property of the Pivottable.

    Can anyone please provide some explicit code that truly shows how the XMLData property is being saved to a textfile (e.g., C:\textfile.xml) as well as loaded from a txt file? Something even as basic as an html file that includes just an OWC-pivottable plus has two buttons for saving and loading the xml file would be a tremendous help!

    BTW, most solutions people have posted on the web provide all sorts of code for referencing the XMLdata property, but never, never, never include the code that explicitly saves or loads the data to a txt file. In most cases, people generically post "Just set the XMLData property to a string and then save to a file" -- Obviously, I'm looking for the actual code that goes along with that statement.

    Many, many thanks in advance -- Pete

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  • Hi Pete.

    Send me an e-mail address and I will forward you a complete asp page to show you how it is done.

    My e-mail address is neilhattingh@yahoo.com


    Keep well



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