Overview of DTS Packages

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  • Nice basic (but detailed) article. Very good and well worth reading for someone not experienced in DTS.

    John Scarborough

  • I am certainly confused.  DTS has been replaced with SSIS in SQL Server 2005 which just became available to the public on Monday.  There are hundreds of reasons why SSIS is considered a new product, historically to replace DTS.  It is a bit hard to understand why anyone would start using this technology now.

    The article itself was well done; but it would be much more enlightening for it to have been in today's technology.


    david russell

  • When I had to add a data exporting tool to a program I'm working on, a co-worker suggested I use DTS. To make a long story short, I looked into it and decided it wouldn't work for my particular situation.

    That being the case, while I was cleaning out my inbox, an article in the SQL Server Central newsletter about DTS is something that definitely catches my attention.

    However, when I start reading:

    "Many organizations need to centralize data to improve corporate decision-making. However, their data may be stored in a variety of formats and in different locations. Data Transformation Services (DTS) addresses this vital business need by providing a set of tools that lets you extract, transform, and consolidate data from disparate sources into single or multiple destinations supported by DTS connectivity..."

    ...I get pissed. Deja vu, anyone? Hell yeah, I just read that word for word last week from the SQL Server Help article "DTS Basics"

    Next time you decide to include text from someone else's work in your own, the very least you should do is to give them credit. Not doing so is called "plagiarism". Look it up.

  • :unsure:Great article but I have a specific question not covered within. I have written a DTS package to be scheduled to run nightly to synchronize two databases. I have written a query which runs fine bar 1 thing. I have included a constant field ie 'S' as [Record Type]in the SELECT clause, to flag the data from the DTS package. When I run the query in Query analyzer or in the DTS preview the constant field shows up fine but when I check the upload table that field is missing. Can anyone help. What difference does the constant value make. Thank you community in anticipation. BigAl

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