Out of memory (error code)

  • hi

    I have a problem. I have created a report which shows the data from table in SQL Server (just a "select * from

    where catid in (..)).

    There is a parameter where I can choose if it should show MAIN categories, OTHER categories or ALL categories - and depend on choose - the list of catid is shorter or longer.

    It works fine when I choose MAIN or OTHER categories. But when I choose ALL - after some time I receive an error - out of memory.

    Result of this select (for all categories) is quite big - 25k records, but it should just be shown - there are no calculations in the report.

    What is more strange - this worked a month ago for me and other people, but a week ago in stopped working on my collegue's computer, but still worked on mine. Today it stopped working also on mine.

    I tried to restart (local machines, SQL server) - nothing helped.

    Do you have any idea why it happened like that and how to fix it?



  • Honestly, sounds like your query is using too much memory. You either need to tune it so that it performs better (and there really isn't a way to tune BRING ME EVERYTHING other than with hardware), or you need to spend money on getting more memory.

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  • What is the error message and is it on the SQL Server side or the SSRS side?


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