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  • Akash Agarwal

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    i am using sqlserver 200 and iis 5.0

    i am getting teh error "out of memory exeption " twice or thrice a day at iis.

    i am not able to identify the reason..

    i have to resatrt the sqlserver and iis to correct it.

    Can any one expalin how can we control it.

    i notice while the error occurs, sql server memory usage is very high (2-3 GB)

    RAID is alleready installed at sqlserver machine and RAM is 4 GB on both webserver and iis server.the db size is aroung 50 GB.


    Akash Agarwal





  • Crispin Proctor


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    Is it SQL throwing the error or IIS? What's the event log say?

    2-3GB of memory used is not really that much. if you are using a 32 bit server, then you are approaching the limits of the hardware and memory.

    You could cap SQL memory to say 2GB and set it to reserve it but the issue would still exist. You are asking to much of the hardware.

    I guess you could also increase the size of your page file but that again is not ideal.

    You last sentence confuses me: "Both the web server and IIS server..."  Which one has SQL on?

    Putting SQL and IIS on the same machine is not ideal.


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  • Akash Agarwal

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    My SQL and IIS is on different machine..

    I am not able to identify where the error is coming.

    There is nothing in the event log also related to this while the error occurs.


  • Piotr.Rodak

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    Is the error reported on IIS machine? Can you run perfmon with log and try to monitor mem usage on both machines? Is it possible that there is a web app that does 'select * from table' where table is HUGE and this rowset is never released?

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