Oracle to SQL Server 2k5 replication

  • Mohammad Mazharuddin Ehsan

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    Has any one implemented Oracle to SQL Server 2k5 transactional replication (Oracle as publisher and SQL Sever 2k5 as subscriber)

    Please explain the steps that are taken.



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  • Greg Grow


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    I am also interested in Transaction Replication from Oracle to SQL Server 2005. Can someone offer any links, documents, information regarding Replication with these database servers?



  • Bajrang


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    I am also looking for this... Can someone help!!!!

  • PaulB-TheOneAndOnly

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    There is a documented solution, let me quote: "Beginning with Microsoft SQL Server 2005, you can include Oracle Publishers in your replication topology, starting with Oracle version 9i. "

    If this is what you are looking for please check

    Pablo (Paul) Berzukov

    Author of Understanding Database Administration available at Amazon and other bookstores.

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  • snehasis.pattnaik 57469

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    Hi Guys

    In order to replicate data from oracle 10g to SqlServer 2005 you can use follow the document present in the link below.


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