Oracle BLOB to SQL Server 2000 ntext

  • Hi.

    I'm wondering how I go about importing data from an Oracle BLOB (holds XML) into a SQL Server 2000 field of type ntext. When I import the data normally (using Import wizard), the data is transferred across but it is in a compressed form as seen below.





    Is there a way to decompress/transform this data when copying it across to SQL Server? Or, alternatively, running a procedure to convert or decompress it at the SQL Server end? Hence the desired data to be stored in the table would be my actual xml. Keeping in mind that I'm using SQL Server 2000.



  • I am trying to do something very similar... except I'm using SQL 2005. I have successfully migrated the BLOB to Varbinary(MAX). I too see that same hex pattern when using T-SQL to view the data on SQL 2005 and have been trying to make use of this migrated data. So, I'd appreciate any knowledge on this that others' might be willing to share.

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