Oracle 10G to SQL Server (2008 and above)DB migration process

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    Does working on an Oracle DB 10g database migration to SQL Server using SSMA involve more of Oracle work or SQL Server work?

    Can anyone please provide a brief description of the process.


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    the question is more than a little vague to be honest.

    if you use the SSMA to migrate the EXAMPLE Schema from Oracle to SQL Server 2016 it performs the process very smoothly and with very little additional effort.


    there are some restrictions to using the Assistant. For example there is no support for user defined datatypes so if you use them then you are going to have to rewrite your code to integrate them into the new database. Information about these restrictions about aplenty on the MS Website and the documentation for it is very good.

    I strongly recommend trying out a test Migration using the shipped example database, generate a Report and use the test case tool to figure out what will work and what won't. Unfortunately there is no clear answer to you question.

    Experience is the teacher here.....



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    also in my experience, every trigger,package,procedure and function in oracle will have to be rewritten, even when they is doing the most trivial CRUD operations, and especially because the way Oracle treats sets of data is more row-based centric , where SQL is set based centric.

    those objects don't have a clean upgrade path the way tables and views do. you'll need to get a developer working on this early, because just mapping the data types and migrating the data is actually pretty straightforward.

    I was in on a project that did that, the data was easily moved to development in a day, and then it was all developers on hand converting procedures to SQL server, and then changing application to see if they worked on the new RDBMS. it took several months before it was bulletproof.


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