optimize for adhoc workload setting

  • Hi Experts,

    What is 'optimize for ad hoc workloads' do mean in short? I hae read it as it minimizes plan cache bloating. Do we really need to set this settig?

    What is the benefit we get if we set 'optimize for ad hoc workloads' = 1.

    How to verify if we really have to set this up on sql instance or leave it to default 0.


    SQL Server 2017 EE



  • It will avoind storing every sqlplan in the plan cache.

    Queries that run only once do not polute your plan cache when this setting is on.

    The article below holds all information:

    ref: optimize for ad hoc workloads server configuration option


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  • For the first execution of a query, you only store a plan stub (basically a hash for the query, plan & settings affecting the plan) instead of a plan.  That's it. That's the magic. Then, on the second execution where the hash values all match, the plan is stored since it seems more likely that the plan will be reused after more than one execution.

    It's not an automatic performance enhancer or a magic "run faster" switch. It's merely a way, when you have a higher percentage of ad hoc queries, of helping to deal with plan cache bloat (caused by the plan cache being filled by single use plans). You may not see much, if any help at all, depending on your system. However, I've also never seen it hurt performance in a meaningful way. I recommend enabling it on servers unless proven otherwise.

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