One WSFC, Three Nodes, Two AGs

  • We have a 3 node WSFC hosting 3 individual instances of SQL Server 2014 and one AG sitting on top. Listener configured.

    • Node1 - Primary (AG1)
    • Node2 - Secondary/sync
    • Node3 - Secondary/async

    This works as expected. Listener set up, failover functions correctly, etc...


    From my understanding, it is possible to host a second AG in the same WSFC using the same SQL instances (and the listeners will handle routing).

    • Node1 - Secondary/sync
    • Node2 - Primary (AG2)
    • Node3 - Secondary/async

    I can create the second AG fine on Node2 but when adding the first replica (regardless of Node1 or 3) throws error 41106. The replica appears in Object Explorer but is in the DISCONNECTED state. The error directs you to the SQL Error log, which in turn says:

    A connection timeout has occurred while attempting to establish a connection to availability replica 'Node2' with id [F834...E4].

    Either a networking or firewall issue exists, or the endpoint address provided for the replica is not the database mirroring endpoint of the host server instance.

    However, this makes no sense, as the other AG is functioning correctly.



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