OLE DB provider \"SQLNCLI11\" for linked server

  • We have a DTS package running on one of the production server. This is very critical package and not suppose to fail. Package running every night and completed most of the days and failed occasionally (1-2 a month) with the following error message. Need urgent help.


    Job process - scheduler => job sent to first production server A - calls out SSI package to link with second production server B for acknowledgment and response back. Communication issue when first production server A makes SQL call to database. (Error. SQLNCLI11 " for linked server "DB_Name" returned message "Client unable to establish connection"). Error reported back to scheduler.

    Server A - SQL 2014 SP3, CUR and GDR

    Server B - SQL 2017, RTM, CU28

    The package DTSLoad.dtsx failed.

    Execution Path: C:\Containter\Package

    Error: OLE DB provider "SQLNCLI11" for linked server "DB_Name" returned message "Client unable to establish connection".

    Possible failure reason: Problem with the query. "ResultSet" propety not set correctly, parameter not set correctly or connection not established correctly

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  • Anyone?

  • We have one particular server that seems to cause a similar issue and the only way round it was to change the client timeout in the connection string in the DTS packages to be a few minutes rather than the default, which I think is 30 seconds.

    I have sat and watched the server during typical periods when this would happen and have seen brief connectivity issues with SSMS but my RDP session to the same server would keep working. It also runs Always On and that doesn't complain about timeouts.

    SQL jobs running on the server itself would keep running fine during these episodes but DTS/SSIS packages trying to connect to the server would timeout.

    I have never managed to work out where the issue lies but increasing the client timeout has papered over the cracks for now.

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