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    Please forgive me for asking questions about licensing on older version SQL servers

    We have 6 SQL servers on prior 2012 versions (1 version 2005 and 5 versions 2008 R2, standard editions)  still being used for our business, I have two questions:

    1. Microsoft extended support for 2005 and 2008 R2 version SQL server  has already ended by now,  do the old versions SQL servers above still need license compliance?
    2. Per core based SQL server license model started for version 2012 servers and after, if 2005/2008 version SQL servers still need license compliance, do we have to use service/CAL based license to cover these old servers?
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    The best licensing answers are always going to come from Microsoft itself, not some Yahoo on the internet.

    That said:

    1. Microsoft is going to argue, and I'm pretty sure legal case law backs them up on this, just because the software has fallen off their support cycle doesn't mean it's now magically freeware and you're not required to follow licensing. All licensing is still going to apply.
    2. The old servers will be covered under old licensing.

    I'd still strongly recommend you take this up with Microsoft. They're not going to care when you say, "Some dude on the internet said this was OK."

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