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  • I need some advice. I'm 2 levels of subcontractor down from the vendor for a client. The vendor has upgraded the client server to a 2008 64-bit server, but hasn't upgraded the SQL Server instance to 64-bit - they are running 2005 32-bit Standard Edition. When I asked why they didn't upgrade the client to a 64-bit version of SQL Server I was told that the vendor didn't want to support 64-bit SQL Server (maybe they don't have one in house - I don't know).

    The server currently has 8 GB RAM, but I'm sure they wouldn't mind slapping in more since the client just spent a bunch of money on the upgrade and memory is cheap. The box is pretty much dedicated to SQL Server.

    My first question: Is there any reason not to upgrade the SQL Server to a 64-bit version?

    Second question: What would be the best config options for SQL Server under these circumstances?

    I've never experienced a 32-bit SQL Server on a 64-bit Operating System.

    Todd Fifield

  • depending on the application, if it was doing anything with importing from access,excel or raw text files using the JET 4.0 driver , jumping to 64 bit becomes a big deal pain in the butt;

    the old drivers for JET don't work in 64 bit, so that might be a motivation for staying at 32 bit; it might take them a while to test and make sure their app can do the same job using updated 64 bit drivers.


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  • Lowell,

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    As for configuration - I would assume enabling AWE and lock pages in memory - just like AWE on a 32-bit machine. Correct?

    Todd Fifield

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