Odd things with Report Builder (also tried VS 2019)

  • This is kinda hard to explain, maybe I can make sense of it. So I had to add an column to the report which meant modifying one of the four data sets for the report.  I was getting data and it was correct in the Tablix.  But if I changed the date range then the data for this column would change to what the previous record was.

    I have attached two pictures.  The correct value and the incorrect value.  The group level (comes from a different data set) is correct.

    If I run the query for the data set.  The column value is correct no matter what date range I put in.

    Any ideas?

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  • I realized there is something odd with my query.  It is correctly returning one row for a particular date with a smaller date range, but returning two records with an expanded date range.  I will have to fix my query.

  • Issue resolved.  I hate to have to dig through someone else's SQL code (especially when it is long and somewhat complicated).

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