Odd men out

  • Which leads to the next question. Who are Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer - not to mention James Franco? Guess I need to start reading the magazines in the supermarket checkout lane.

  • Interesting. At the time I answered, 13% are picking Buck Woody, 8% are picking Itzik, and 7% are picking Steve.

    It is also curious that 37% think that James Franco is related to SQL Server.

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  • Tom.Thomson (9/4/2011)

    Mind you, 19% not picking HH is a bit surprising too.

    Since I'm sure there are a number of people from other countries that don't have any interest in his fine and upstanding magazine and lifestyle I don't find it that surprising.

  • My guess would be that most people who missed this one, like me, didn't read the question carefully. If I'd paid attention to the "Choose Two" admonition, I'd have my point. As is, in addition to Franco and Hef, I checked off Buck Woody, who may be a luminary, but whose light I haven't seen. Then, I don't play tennis like Nadal either.

  • Not a very good question. We might not be aware of all these names, no matter how old we are.

  • dallas13 (9/6/2011)

    Not a very good question. We might not be aware of all these names, no matter how old we are.

    Actually, I appreciate the question in that it made me aware of some names I didn't know. Even though most were familiar, it was good to see some that I should learn about. BTW, I would think that each of us could probably add to the list. First name coming to mind is Jamie Thomson (or is it Thompson?), whose blog has helped me understand SSIS techiques.

  • I've been working with SQL server since 1995, but never heard of Buck Woody. I think the explanation should give some references to the celebrities and not an accusation.

    On the other hand, I can use google to look who Buck Woody is.

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  • I've been working with SQL Server for 15+ years. Some of these names I wasn't familiar with. Thanks for the question.


  • I got one correct, one wrong...:-D....

    Some of the names I know very well and some I thought I heard(which made me to select the one which went wrong, and one which I got correct I never heard..

    Good humor Q though 🙂

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