ODBC Connection failure

  • Any ideas on what the following means when running an ODBC connection test:

    Attempting connection

    Connection established

    Verifying option settings

    [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]SELECT permission denied on object 'syscharsets', database 'master', owner 'dbo'.

    Disconnecting from server

    The only change I can think of recently made was the network folks changed the IP address for the SQL cluster (due to a domain controller server problem).

    Thanks for any help.

  • Did you remove 'guest' user from master database?

  • quote:

    Did you remove 'guest' user from master database?

    Whoever you are, you're wonderful! Thank you. It got me on the right track. The guest account on the master had db_denydatareader and db_denydatawriter checked in its properties so I unchecked and it connects. Duhhh!! Can you explain how the guest account works or refer me to good literature on it - I've removed it from all my dbs but understand it can't be removed from the master.

    Thank you again!!!

  • Look up "guest user" in BOL. It has a pretty decent explanation.

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