ODBC and use of output clause

  • i am at a loss and this is only forum that i know of.

    i am using AcuXDBC (genesis odbc) and am needing to gather output of a insert statement.

    i have tried to use insert into tablea values ('record one') @output record_number

    but i get a syntax error no matter what i try regarding the word output.

    I ask for help from the development side and they pushed it to their community forum which no one had an answer, so that is why i am on here looking for anything to try with regards to an ODBC commands. Reason for this is that the file in question is what cobol calls a relative format. a column record_number kind of works like an identity column BUT is not part of the table, just implied.

    i can read this file select * from tablea where record_number =50; but if you look at the design of table you get one column column_a char(64);

  • Have you searched on Stack Overflow?


  • ...

    Eddie Wuerch
    MCM: SQL

  • yeah i went thru several days of searching for any info related to acuxdbc and relative files. i have made a feature enhancement from vendor to get this value since running a max/count query 1) takes a while and 2) could be wrong if another user added a new record to the file

  • Are you able to amend the file layout at all? It may be better to push the problem back to COBOL by adding record no. as a field and getting the COBOL program(s) to keep it in line with the implied value when they insert records. The version of acuXDBC I've used is quite old, but I don't think a lot  has changed since and it's missing a lot of functionality.

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