odbc and netsuite

  • hi i just got off the phone with netsuite and we discussed their invoice api.   it occurred to me that if that api isnt already limited column wise in what it can return about invoices entered in the last couple of days, it probably will be in the future.  in our happy path we scrape invoices entered recently and feed them to our warehouse once per day from about 11 erp's.   one of those 11 is being replaced by netsuite.

    but the tech talked about soap and odbc.   he said soap can sometimes be used to overcome limitations in the api.

    i'm wondering now about odbc and how much time i have for this project.  if i'm not mistaken, odbc can open technologies like netsuite up to being queried thru openquery from a sql server.   if thats true, i'd basically not be worrying about custom fields and api limitations anymore.

    years ago i thought odbc and oledb were competing technologies, kind of a protocol thing.   but in a drop down list in linked server properties i see oledb for odbc.  so i'm out of touch.

    i dont know if we use odbc in any of our many linked servers and or packages and or ssrs data sources but wonder if we buy netsuite's odbc driver are we reinstalling odbc on our sql server, or maybe creating/installing a supplemental odbc file with attributes specific to their product or none of the above?  and if anyone knows are we then creating the opportunity to write our own extract queries against their (presumably) oracle data source?



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