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  • Hugo Kornelis (1/22/2013)

    ... showing or suppressing the "xx rows affected" message is an option you can change. See my first message in this topic. In the message just above yours, I explain exactly how to change it.

    Nothing curious.

    Ah, setting it is then.

    I may have missed the explanation last week amongst some of the less educational responses. 😉

    Thank you for adding to the learning value of the discussion!

  • sorry to say, but your question is bogus. I just ran it on my SQL 2008 instance and received no row(s) effected message at all.

    default settings. Doesn't even matter if set nocount is off/on. And I tested it with SQL 2012 too. Same results.

    The one thing that might be different is I'm using SSMS 2012.

    Dennis Parks

  • +0

    Don't like these kind a questions.

  • I think inside the begin trans...commit, it all are counted as a single transaction. Hence 1 row is affected.


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