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  • I've used a couple of different ORM products, but no NHibernate. My major concern is similar to yours: there may be nothing preventing you from using them robust database designs, but that doesn't seem to be the normal--or even intended--use. Anybody who's familiar with my work (or even my comments on forums!) knows that I'm a long way from being a database wizard, but at least my work is based on the assumption that the database needs normalization, relationships, constraints, and indexing.

    On a related topic, I see too many commercial products, even from major publishers, that fail to implement what I (and apparently you) consider to be the bare minimum sound design principles.

  • Spend a few days with Grails and you will see the power of Hibernate. The tools do an excellent job of generating an impressive database design from an object model. For 'application' databases, this is all you need. When connecting to an Enterprise database, you probably will need to write your own mapping, but you then have a great deal of power. Heck, you can even use PostgreSQL and see how aggregates & window functions should be implemented in a relational database.

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