No DBAs allowed access to Production DB Servers...

  • Yes it is true. SOX is a real bummer and causes more head aches every time you look at it. I do not work for this company nor have I used the software they sell but the SOX issues may be worth it for you.

  • stupid auditors strike again

    one of the recommendations they told us to implement is to require MS DTC for everything. changed it on a few servers on Friday and now replication snapshots don't work. researched it and MS says not to do this and to use linked servers going forward.

  • sounds like you auditors and IT directors are idiots. However, I would follow this to the letter and when a system goes down or a back up fails you need to tell him/her that you are working to his constraints and that this can only be fixed as quick as you can get a new key. The only people that should be band from making changed to production are developers.



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