New to Azure - which IDE tools?

  • I've been working as a developer within SQL Server for over 15 years now (DWH and transactional) and think it's time I added SQL Azure to my toolbelt. I've created an account, server and database etc in Azure. Which tools are commonly used in organisations for doing the actual development? I've got Azure Data Studio installed which seems fairly straightforward if you're used to SSMS. Would Visual Studio be more commonly used and if so, would you install it locally and connect to your Azure account?

    Also - when companies ask for experience in SQL Azure, do they merely want you to be able to create and develop databases using one the IDEs on Azure, which would mean an experienced SQL Developer like me should be able to get up to speed with SQL Azure in no time?

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  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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  • We just use SSMS just like on-premise databases.  For the most part you can use the same tools, in reality it is just another server/database.  It is only the initial creation/setup that is different and done through Azure portal or a tool like Bicep or Terraform.

  • Thank you very much for your reply Scott - that's great that I don't have to spend ages upgrading my skillset!

  • If we're talking IDE, it's mostly just ADS & SSMS. I also use VS Code when I'm writing Powershell for Azure. I'd definitely learn how to program Azure through Powershell. But that's about it for general tools. What you've got and the portal itself.

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