New to Azure, have a question for log shipping alternative across regions.

  • Hello,

    I'm new to Azure so I am just dipping my toe on to see if what I am thinking is even possible.

    We are looking at a possible log shipping situation, from Australia to Singapore, every 15 minutes, the issue is that the index maint jobs produce a lot of logs, 15GB.

    If we had the local servers synched with an Azure SQL Server, would it be better to somehow copy the database (perhaps on a schedule) from one region over to the other, then have that synch down to an on premises SQL server on the other side, rather than log shipping every 15 minutes?

    In regards to the logs produced during index maint, would these still go up to the Azure database (I'm guessing the do)? Is there a better way?

    Thanks in advance for any feedback and advice.



  • Are you talking about a virtual machine or Azure SQL Database? If a virtual machine, you can set up a virtual network and then log shipping will be pretty easy to set up. Although, you'll pay money to move that data across the wire. If you're talking about Azure SQL Database, why not use geo-replication[/url]. That will be much easier to setup and maintain.

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