New T-SQL Features in SQL Server 2005 Part 2

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  • Hi All,

    The following are the references that were used in the write up for the article.

    It has been missed during the compliation of the article.Please refer to the reference for further details.


    1.SQL Server 2005 Books Online 



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  • Isn't there an error in the first example?  Shouldn't the last record in tblsection join to the 4, Test record in tblModule? 

    I think that you didn't mean to insert the 4, TEST record into tblModule, correct?



  • Great article!

    I particularly enjoy the OUTPUT clause.  One of the thing that I bi***, er, gripe about is data archiving.  It is usually left out of designs until the server fills up.   This will be a great boon as I can now write my archive function with only one statement per table and wrap the whole thing in a transaction.  My archive database is an exact copy, structurally, of the production database.

    ATBCharles Kincaid

  • You are right D'Archy .The section table should not be populated with the records for Module 4.

    Apologies for that ..Just execute the following script and it should give you the desired results

    delete from tblsection where fk_moduleid=4

    Thanks for your comments


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    Sureshkumar Ramakrishnan

  • Good Article, easy to read and understand.


    Regards,Yelena Varsha

  • Couple of things incorrect with the OUTPUT example. There is no 'Oxford' store to update in dbo.tblStore and the SELECT * FROM dbo.StoreAudit should show the InsertedStore as 'Grantham'.

  • Good work Suresh. I am following this series. Thanks a lot.

  • Very good series! My entire shop, with the exception of a one-shot project, is SQL 2000, I'm hoping to move it to 2k5 in the next six months as prep for 2k8. Useful stuff, I only wish that your articles linked to previous/next articles in the series.

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