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  • Glad to see this open.  Thanks Steve.

    SQL Mobile is a great improvement over SQL Server CE.  The integration avalable with management studio is great.  I can copy a mobile database to my PC and connect to it.  I can leave the device connected through Active Sync and connect to the database there.

    For applications that run disconnected (no live 802.11 connection) SQL Mobile rocks.

    ATBCharles Kincaid

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  • It might be outside the scope of this area, but I would like to see examples of SQL statements used in VB 2003 for SQL Mobile or CE.  Anyone recommend a book?

  • Microsoft SQL Server CE 2.0 Books on line.  Look at the T-SQL reference.  If it's not in there then you can't do it.

    One thing that the BOL does not make clear is that while you can't open multiple recordsets on the same connection you application can open multiple connections to the same database.  Something else that is not supported is using mutipart identifiers to get to multiple databases on the same connection.

    While SQL Moble is full SQL server it is a cut down version.  Here is something that is supported

    SELECT [Order].ShipDate, [Customer].Name as 'CustName", [User].Name as 'OrderTaker'

    FROM [Order]

    INNER JOIN [Customer] ON [Customer].ID = [Order].CustomerID

    INNER JOIN [User] ON [User].ID = [Order].UserID



    ATBCharles Kincaid

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