New features in SQL 2012, the contained database

  • I have mixed feelings about this feature. When I first read about contained DB's I felt excited, because the explanation was about a lot more then just about the ease of moving a DB without the hassle of migrating logins to another server. But then I read this feature only consists about partly containment, i.e. only the independency of DB-users from serve wide logins.

    We have several methods to transfer logins without a hassle. That does not mean we should NOT look at new/easier ways of doing things, but I do not think moving a DB to another server is a great or grave problem.

    Let's look at a drawback of this feature. If you have several databases on an instance(I see that a lot(freelance DBA)), how can you tell quickly which users have access to data on this instance? Contained DB-users do not show up at the logins. Of course, you can use a script to create a list of all DB-users, but the whole purpose seems to be not to have to rely on scripts when moving a DB. But now we have to use a script to get all DB-users? That is progress...?

    Hans Brouwer

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