Need an urgent help with creating a relational database!!

  • Hi guys,

    I'm quite new to T-SQL and honestly started to take online classes just a week ago.  I've some tasks to complete, and it would be really great if someone could help or guide how to approach the following tasks:


    1.      For each student, we need a student ID, Social insurance number, firstname, lastname, email address, phone number, and start date

    a.      Student ID & Social Insurance numbers, should be unique

    b.      Social insurance number format must be: NNN-NNN-NNN: Example: 123-456-789

    2.      For each program, we need the program code, program name, program contact email address, program contact name, and program start-date

    a.      A program should be unique by name and start-date

    3.      A student cannot exist without being part of a program

    4.      A student can only belong to one program at a time.

    5.      There should be at least 10 programs

    6.      There should be at least 20 students

    7.      Create a stored procedure for adding students

    8.      Create a stored procedure for adding programs

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  • No one will do your work for you.

    What have you learned so far?  Show what you have tried, what is not working and you will find people are more willing to help.  But the unpaid volunteers here won’t do your work for you.

    Lookup the syntax for create table, constraints, procedures etc that will put you in the right direction then post back what you try and what doesn’t make sense.


  • Whoever's teaching your class is not particularly expert at db design.  Storing NNN-NNN-NNN is just plain wrong; it's a waste of space to store fixed dashes in a column.

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