Need to output table data into multiple CSV files

  • Hello, I created the below script to output 999 rows from SQL Server table into multiple CSV files. The SQL table has about 45,000 rows. We can only output max of 999 rows into the CSV files. I installed powershell sql server module. Since this is a powershell script, I may need to modify the below script to run as powershell script. Any ideas on the changes needed? Thanks.

    DECLARE @Num int = 0;

    While @Num <= 52


    SELECT col1, col2

    from table1

    OFFSET 999*@num ROWS


    $filename = "C:\temp\filename"

    Invoke-Sqlcmd -Query "SELECT col1, col2 from table1" -ServerInstance "SQLServer1" |

    Export-Csv -Path "$filename.csv" -NoTypeInformation

    SET @Num = @Num + 1;


  • Maybe not the most performant solution but as a next step import the full file and process it

    $FullfileData = import-csv -Path $fullfile ;

    $RecCounter = 0;
    $TargetFileNo = 1;
    $TargetFiletemplate = $('{0}\file_<no>.csv' -f $env:temp )
    foreach ( $rec in $FullfileData ) {
    $RecCounter ++
    $targetfile = $TargetFiletemplate.replace('<no>', $TargetFileNo)

    $rec | Export-Csv -Path $targetfile -NoClobber -NoTypeInformation -Append ;

    if ( $RecCounter % 10 -eq 0 ) {
    $TargetFileNo ++


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