Need to find the user who modified a particular stored procedure.

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    I need to find the user name of the person who modified a particular stored procedure.

    How do I find out when a stored procedure was last modified or compiled?

    gives me idea about the time. But how do I know the user who modified it?

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    You can find out some info on your proc through the DMV sys.dm_exec_procedure_stats. The cached_time field would give you an idea of when it was changed because it would have been recompiled. However, it's possible that other conditions would have caused a subsequent recompile later, so it's a loose guide at best.

    To know who made the change (or to have a more accurate idea of when the change was made) you would need to have DDL triggers set up to capture data when objects are changed. This is not done automatically.

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    The only way to tell who changed it, if you don't have some custom auditing is to check the default trace, assuming the record of the modification is still in there.

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    Thanks guys,

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