Need to change RS Execution Acct PWD, automatically w/ T-SQL

  • We use a 3rd party vendor to administer our SQL Server service account PWDS. We have an API to capture the new PWD -- which changes every "n" days and we're looking to automate the PWD update for our SSRS Execution Account.

    Using T-SQL, is there a way to change the SSRS Execution Account PASSWORD (found on the Reporting Services Configuration Manager)?

    fyi, we know we can manually start RS Config Mgr and manually change the RS Execution Acct there -- we're looking to automate this change using T-SQL command if possible.

  • look at the rsconfig utility


    regarding your SQL Service accounts - you should be using MSA/GMSA where possible (e.g. as the user that the services run under) so you don't even have to change those at all - service accounts should only be normal AD users where they are used by an application that requires username/password to connect to launch a process as that user.

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