Need street name generator, one word

  • I would like to have a list of about 3000 records of streetnames. This is for random generate some addresses.

    Anyone can give me a help to generate a list of random street name, I only need street name part, one word.

    I will add ave, st, pl, pkw later.

    For example streetname list like:







  • If you Google around, you can find tools for generating such data. In particular, there is a standard for street addresses in the United States called "nine – one – one Postal standard" this should not be confused with nine – eleven. The idea is that every street address and location inside the United States should have a reasonably conventional-looking street address assigned to it and be related to a common database.. This was for emergency vehicles (911 calls) that can be given a specific physical location in event of an emergency. There are large parts of America where the names of locations for things like "the King Ranch"(a property larger than several of the smaller New England states) or just generically vague ("the Milford Estates"). And then the abbreviations for geographical designations also were not standardized.


    Please post DDL and follow ANSI/ISO standards when asking for help. 

  • Thank you, I just want to generate some random fake data that look like street names, one word. 2000 or so. This is for testing DB that cannot have real address.

    I have not found a tool by googling them.

  • Download NAD in csv format, import it into a table, then select random entries from there?


  • That is a marvelous idea to get addresses.  Thanks much, that gives me some ideas.

    But what we need now is to create fake addresses for testing environment,  not using real street names. I wonder how can I get a list of street names , basically nouns that look like street name.

  • I use Faker, you might need to install Python to use it

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